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A New World

  • The world is changing.  Innovations in efficiency and the interconnectedness of the global economy are making goods and services ever faster, cheaper, and better. 
  • This is great news for consumers – but what does it mean for American business –  for your business?  Will our jobs be replaced by cheaper channels overseas, or even by computers?
  • To survive and thrive in the future, we must embrace the incredible opportunity for growth presented by the emergence of a new era – the “personal age.”
  • The personal age is the era of customer experience – the era of the iPhone, MySpace, and YouTube.  In providing a unique, meaningful experience to our clients, we have the chance to refocus our business on the bedrock of an enduring, trust-based relationship with our clients rather than shifting sands of technological, regulatory, and industry changes.
  • Change won’t stop with the personal age.  In fact, the world is changing faster and faster.
  • So we must position ourselves to evolve quickly and to drive, rather than merely react to change.
  • Most of the great American fortunes were made in these eras of great upheaval - by people who helped create a better future instead of hiding from it, or trying desperately to stop it
  • Henry Ford is a prime example of the men and women whose courage and tenacity led them into great fortunes acquired by revolutionizing the world.  
    • Ford was born on a farm in rural Michigan.  His father expected Henry to take over the family farm when he became an adult.  At age sixteen, however, Henry left the country for the city to explore the new industrial age which intimidated and confused most Americans of his time.  By age thirty-three, Ford had constructed his first “horseless carriage,” and he incorporated the Ford Motor Company in 1903, proclaiming, "I will build a car for the great multitude." He accomplished his goal and more: nearly sixteen million Model Ts were sold in the United States alone, and the car quickly became essential transportation for the ordinary man.   Ford also revolutionized manufacturing by pioneering innovative production techniques which made him internationally famous, such as the assembly line, good pay for employees, and the eight-hour workday, to allow for three shifts.  In spite of repugnant personal and political beliefs, Ford irrevocably altered American society, ushering in suburbia, the national highway system, the possibility of going anywhere anytime with an entirely new means of transportation, and the new wealth and free time acquired in the shift from the agricultural age to the industrial age Ford helped spearhead.
  • To keep pace with the incredible productive power of global free enterprise, we must learn the lessons of global free enterprise – and live them.
  • And so we must rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit first released after the American Revolution and re-enact this revolution within our businesses.
  • If we aren’t operating at peak performance today, if we aren’t making optimal use of even our current technologies, how are we going to create the productive business of tomorrow?