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Imagine winningat the business of life

New Thinking for the New World

  • To meet these challenges, we must achieve a Copernican Revolution in our thinking 
  • Just as when Nicolas Copernicus realized that re-thinking the relationship of the earth and the sun would make science more accurate and successful, so must our focus as businesses leaders shift to make people, not products, the center of the business universe – and change from a focus on efficiency for today, to the entrepreneurial spirit we must foster within our team to create the opportunities of tomorrow.
  • This change, applied patiently and consistently, will allow us to cultivate “personal age” client relationships, developing our team as entrepreneurs who operate at peak performance today and help create the business of tomorrow, and ultimately, to heal the wounds of a broken business culture in order to realize you and your team’s hopes and dreams as producers, and as people.
  • To achieve this shift, we must first change our thinking, and develop the energy and focus to sustain this change within ourselves.  Next we must communicate this change effectively as leaders of an entrepreneurial office.  And finally, we must develop our team into leaders capable of guiding the client’s thinking.  Like ever-broadening ripples in a pond, the momentum of this change must carry into the farthest reaches of our business – and every aspect of our lives.
  • How do we keep the ripple going?
    • We must stay focused on our long-term objectives and keep ourselves positive and “above the fray”; we must gather ideas to learn and grow constantly and consistently; we must grow as leaders of our teams; and we must master technological and industry changes as they develop
  • Insure The Future is here to help
    • We will help you to:
      • Create and foster an engaged entrepreneurial culture
      • Develop a long-term, strategic vision of what new and exciting changes and opportunities are developing and how best to take advantage of them
      • Keep abreast of the best ideas and innovations in your field and across the world to keep you growing into the future
      • Connect with the finest minds in the business to collaborate on understanding and impacting the changing world