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Imagine winningat the business of life

Terms of Service

The Positivity Promise

  • Change Agents commit to keeping Insure The Future positive – there are no problems, only challenges, and the incredible people who rise to meet them.
  • We promise to:
    • Keep an open mind
    • Use our right brains
    • Focus on what is possible in the future rather than the perceived problems of the present or the missteps of the past
    •  Think strategically rather than blind ourselves with day-to-day details
    • Wipe the negative muck we pick up on our shoes as we move through the world at the doorstep and bring only our best self into this bastion of positivity which incubates the positive changes of tomorrow

The Contribution Covenant

  • Since none of us is as smart as all of us, we must commit to contributing our incredible insights and experience to a “big brain” stretching across the country in order to create the best business – and life! –  of tomorrow.