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So many things can happen during your day to distract you from what really matters. Our goal is to provide a place where all of us can take a step back from daily hassles and reorient our minds toward our visions for our perfect agency – and the Insure the Future community will be there every step of the way to help you realize your vision with critical tools to make this dream a reality.

Your membership includes:

  • Full access to the ChangeAgent Community – a secure network of like-minded people whose goal is to inspire one another to be the best they can possibly be, including…
    • Multimedia forum & network for members
    • User-led study group hosting and real-time interactivity among agents across the country
  • Webinars brought to you by the Insure the Future team and stars of the business world to help you focus your energy on what will improve your business
  • Daily insight into the latest industry and social trends that affect your clients and your agency
  • Daily 20-minute meetings to reorient ourselves toward our strategic goals
  • Proprietary tool-kit for measuring progress and more effective coaching & management
  • Engaging content for re-linking to clients on your business’s social networks, and an integrative social marketing strategy
  • Tips and strategies from noted search engine optimization analysts to improve your agency’s search engine position for key words and in local search

Other features include:

  • Materials & content to drive growth in your business
    • (E.g., materials to increase Yelp! Reviews, “A New IFR for a New Century”)
  • Proven-effective team meetings personalized for your team
  • Critical books abstracts & reviews
  • Exclusive access to partners from across the business world who can make a difference for your business
  • Bulk purchasing arrangements to gain discounts for important products